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Success Stories

Jennifer Mejia

My lower back never felt so good. Thank you Osteopathy

Macky Yap

Macky Yap This was the best treatment I had in my life. It helped me walk again. Thank you Osteopathy

Joy Sanchez

I had back problems during and after pregnancy. I was in pain most of my day. After being treated by and Osteopath there has been a huge improvement to the point I have no more pain thanks to my Osteopath.

Tony Lance

After experiencing years of neck pain. I found an osteopathic manual practitioner from the CCO to treat me. After 5 session my neck pain has decreased by 60%. Thanks to my new Osteopath.

Candy Flores

I severely twisted my ankle playing soccer severely and thought I would never play again. After just a few Osteopathic sessions I'm now back playing. Thank you so much Osteopathy

Dean Castro

The osteopathic treatment has been successful. The pain in my right side has been completely eliminated. Thanks to Osteopathy!!!