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"Evaluation is ongoing and takes the form of exams, written clinical problems, the performance of selected practical techniques, oral presentations of several assignments and finally, the submission and oral defence of a Thesis in front of an International Jury.

Evaluations include a written test in each module.  The completion and passing of the exam(s) for each module is required in order to move on to the next module. 
At the end of the first and second years we require a 20-page written paper to be handed in, and an oral presentation in front of your class in order to successfully move on to the following year. 
At the end of the second, third, fourth and fifth years each student must pass a practical exam on the course material taken up to the point of the exam, each of which is accumulative. 
At the end of the 5th year a research protocol is required to be handed in and presented, for completion of that year.